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Recent Changes

Stacy Blaisdell, CST

Path of Wellbeing

6695 372ndSt

North Branch, MN 55056

Hello -

I’m excited to share some recent business changes with you!

This week, I’ve moved office space into Northstone Family Chiropracticin North Branch. It feels like a more amenable environment for treating infants and small children while still allowing a private, quiet space for adults. CranioSacral services are regularly available there for people of all ages on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Loving my office space at Fore Chiropractic & Wellness in Mora. CranioSacral services are regularly available there Mondays and Thursdays. It’s wonderful to work with these two dynamic women focused on helping people raise their level of healththrough manual therapy.

Convenient online scheduling is available for both locations through the chiropractic websites and at You’re not required to be a chiropractic client, but the two modalities often work very well together.

The best appointment options are found by calling: 612-418-1706, or emailing Saturdays are sometimes devoted to CranioSacral for off-site groups with horses but office appointments are available on request.

As my homeopathy school class transitions into our senior year, I’m beginning to work with a mentor to see some homeopathic clientsoutside of student clinic. If you’d like to explore receiving homeopathic care at the Mora or North Branch office, please contact me. I love to talk about homeopathic thinking and the many uses of homeopathic remedies! Homeopathic care for horses is still available at a reduced student rate until summer 2019.

The introduction to homeopathy class at Fore Chiropractic & Wellness in April was great fun! For those that attended, a homeopathic self/family care kit class will be offered later this year. If this interests you and you missed the April class, please contact me – we’ll repeat the intro class just prior.

With gratitude – be well.


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