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In daily life our unobserved, under-appreciated 'imagination' frequently works against us. We're anticipating the coming snow storm, picturing how we'll feel when our loved one dies, worrying we won't get to work on time, convinced we failed a test, sure we said something so awful that no one likes us anymore, and so on ad nauseam...

Our imagination is a powerful tool.

Is it operating inside as an invisible enemy bent on our destruction?

Or as a close companion helping us along our journey home?

One of the many benefits of CranioSacral therapy can be making friends with our 'imagination' - putting it to work purposefully, allowing it to move us in the direction of healing transformation.

Muscles knotted up and tense,

That way so long, an invisible fence.

Holding to what came before,

New life blocked by long closed door.

Fear has stolen the key and hid,

Underneath this tight held lid.

Covered up with layers of shine,

Delusions, air castles built over time.

How to unlock this mental maze,

Open inner eye, deeply gaze.

With curious heart and playful thought,

Whatever comes is not fought.

Symbol and sensation carry wisdom,

Allow imagination clear focused vision.

Learning or just letting go,

The truth sets us free, this I know.

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