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Cryptorchid Stallion Avoids Surgical Gelding

Bandolin & his friend Wilma

Just finished a CranioSacral session with a spunky little shetland pony stallion named Bandolin. First session. His owner made the appointment for him because he'd begun coughing while I was working with a miniature horse in the pen next to him last week.

Chatting early in the session, the owner reported not having observed the cough since. She said she'd been standing near him considering canceling the appointment and he promptly coughed for her - so the appointment was on! Seems like this smart little dude knew an opportunity for help when he saw one.

During the session, it became clear he'd been through a significant trauma to the right side of his body earlier in life. Visible and physically palpable imbalances included - his hyoid being pulled up to the right, his right foreleg was twisted laterally from the humerus down (especially the knee joints), his pelvis was tilted, etc. etc. etc. On a more esoteric level, he shared an image of himself falling down in what appeared to be a trailer and getting pinned by a larger horse while struggling to rise to his feet.

Well, little Bandolin gets to have a second CranioSacral session after his upcoming hoof trim because he began the session tonight as a cryptorchid, with only one descended testicle, and as the restrictions/misalignments in his body lessened, he ended the session an intact stallion with TWO descended testicles!

His owner is pleased to be avoiding an expensive surgical gelding and Bandolin is feeling better. I LOVE CranioSacral therapy! You just never know what may be possible.

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