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CranioSacral Therapy on the dairy farm.

This is Chloe. She's a 7 year old Holstein at an organic pasture based dairy and my first experience applying CST to the bovine among us.

Pregnant with her 6th calf, (due in 4 months), she's spent the past year shifting about uncomfortably in her milking stall, parking her rump out in the aisle or down in the gutter, & periodically lifting then shaking out her hind legs (especially the right). In the pasture she was gimping slowly along and stopping to shake out her hind legs.

Chloe was an awesome client yesterday and made good use of her therapy session!

She's now marching along with the herd & standing quietly in her milking stall. Of course, she's not miraculously perfect, she still stops to lifts a leg now & then on her way up the steep hill to the back pasture. But, she's a much happier, easier to work with member of the dairy herd who'll be around on the farm a bit longer. Go Chloe!!!

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