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This Small Stone

This small stone in my pocket holds a story.

Silence and conversation,

solitude and relationship,

in equal measure with easy flow.

The dignified, heavenward reach of ancient trees.

Deep connection, fleeting moment.

Cloudy fog,

blood red sunset on the water,

ashes raining down.

Accepting faces,

open eyes and smiles.

Waves crashing, seals barking, rooster crowing.

The joy of song, the story of pain.

Inhalation of flowers and smoke.

Sweaty morning dance awake, heart open overflowing.

Ocean breeze touching skin embraced by warm springs water.

Listening hands, holding space as fourteen become one.

Mother earth's overflowing bounty three times a day.

Discovery and laughter the main dish.

Parting sheds tears.

Moving forward bubbles excitement.

Do it now, do it later, do it never??????

Now, always now.

This small stone holds the story.

Inspired by a week at Esalen Institute during the fires in Big Sur, California.


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