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Letting Go

Wanting to explore

Longing just to feel

Clinging to the rock

Air beneath my heel

Will I get back up

If I let go and drop

How far is the fall?

How long the climb back to the top?

Jumping off the ledge

Slipping when I land

A strong hand helps me up

Someone knows where I am

Heart and breathing slow

Cool water soothes my legs

Toes caress the rocks

Feeling every lump and edge

Having taken the leap

Which way will I go?

Down toward the setting sun

Or up against the flow?

No destination in mind

Knowing every steps a choice

Listening to the river

Hearing messages in its voice

Sometimes feeling frightened

As I heed the call

Sometimes hesitating

Fearing I may fall

Sometimes feeling joyous

At one with all around

Confidently stepping forward

Slippery rocks become firm ground

Inspired by an afternoon in Duluth


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