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The Path ...

Memories of the past, 

like potholes in the road,

slowing down the forward,

keeping life on hold.

What clouds mar the way?

Do I dare to know?

If I saw the blue sky,

which way would I go?

Looking through the blinders,

staring at the sun,

wishing for the darkness,

wanting to be done.

If I look above,

in to the star filled sky,

will they guide me home,

to a place up high?

Can the path be seen,

staring at the road,

watching every footfall,

keeping to the known?

Moving free of fear,

gazing all around,

eyes filled with wonder,

ears full of sound.

Dancing down the highway,

that I feared to tread,

flowing like a river,

the path unwinds ahead.

                 -Stacy B. 06/27/16




Inside us resides accessible guidance.

Operating mostly outside our everyday awareness, innate wisdom keeps us in our best possible state.

 When challenges exceed available resources,

inner wisdom may insure life continues,

but it's not the same.

 We have lost some ease, freedom and potential.

Whether this occurs in utero, during our birth,

or at the time of physical or emotional traumas,

we can be helped now.

We can live in greater ease, balance, and freedom.


A CranioSacral therapist assists, facilitates, listens & supports - helping the body release

restrictions so that it may heal itself.


It's an honor to be part of your journey.



This link takes you to the IAHP online search engine.  Enter my first & last name to access profile and training record.
CranioSacral therapy and classical
homeopathy can be utilized many ways:  
Reducing minor ailments and discomforts.
Lessening our physical and emotional suffering.
Aiding our recovery from injury and trauma.
Increasing our resilience.
Strengthening our internal sense of peace.
Helping us to unfold beautifully, to become
more fully ourselves, by leaning into our unique experience of life.
Opening new possibilities of freedom we hadn't imagined possible.

"The only source of knowledge is experience." 

- Albert Einstein -

Experience a session today!



Release, Relax, Revitalize -             Discover,Grow,Transform


$95 one hour, $135 ninety minutes

Children Under 10:  $85 one hour, $50 half hour


...slept through the night first time in 15 years!

...earache gone, easier to be around, more even keel!

...pain gone, range of motion much improved!

...have learned a lot about myself - more relaxed, confident, & feeling good inside!

...starting to breath through nose, been a mouth breather since birth!

...snoring and spitting up have stopped!

...body was stiff and rigid, now soft and flexible, smiling and making happy noises now instead of screaming and hitting!

...was unfocused, sleeping in 45 minute increments, & still below birth weight, now in 10 days gained 3.5 lbs, making eye contact, no more explosive diarrhea & sleeping in 3 or 4 hour intervals!

...drove without feeling any panic, sleeping better, head feeling clear and able to focus!

...since the concussion it's like my daughters been somewhere else, now she's back!

...dizziness gone, posture improved, & energy up!

...excruciating jaw pain shooting up into my head gone, breathing improved, & sleeping better!


$85 one hour (in office)

(additional travel charge for farm/home visit)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Full Day Group Option:   four to six

sessions, any combination of horses and people, 


...the head shaking stopped, no more goopy swelling under the jaw, really starting to work & seems happy!

...went through her cycle with no sign of distress, no longer favoring her right front, hindquarters regaining smooth round shape! to think & learn, lost that stiff motion, body change from angular to round, starting to get some swing & power!

...regained weight, no longer depressed, interacting with herd and me! line up and filling in, gained space and power in hindquarters, no more tongue over the bit and crazy head rubbing!

...the horse that's been standing in the pasture with a kink in his tail jumping at every little noise is cantering & doing caprioles out there!  He's laying down, rolling, & playing! 

...more ground covering stride, more equal right/left, breathing deeper & blowing more!

-fluid edema in face, under jaw, in forearms, & sheath is gone, less flighty, more friendly!

...not standing off away from the herd anymore, moving more freely, eyes brighter!

...testicle dropped, no need for surgery!


An appointment with your homeopath is a beautiful way to be ‘seen’. 

Discovering the best remedy requires your homeopath to look deeply from a neutral place; to really ‘get you’ – uncover what it’s like to experience life as you.


When we are listened to in this way, some healing permeates every level of our existence even before the prescribed remedy is taken.  

As we continue to move through the process of working with our homeopath, we begin to witness ourselves more easily, empowering us - improving our lives on every level.   

Services and Fees:



(travel charge farm/home visit)


initial two hour



 first remedy prescription


usually includes a

CranioSacral session


(travel charge farm/home visit)

one hour

follow up appointments

first follow up

around eight weeks from

initial remedy dose

(please plan for at least two follow up appointments

Remedy Ordered By Client

Custom Blend


Guided Meditation,

Basic Qi Gong Energy

Clearing/Balancing Treatment,

CranioSacral Thoracic Release, Tuning Fork Heart Center

30 minutes $50


Please call or email to schedule appointments.

Some online scheduling options may be available as well.

Thank you!

Mora, MN


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